About Associate Apartments

Choctaw Commercial Leasing – Apartment Leasing for Haven (Durant, OK) and Timber View (Broken Bow, OK)

If you’re a Choctaw Casino or CNO Associate or a Choctaw Tribal Member, congratulations! You qualify to apply for the new Associate apartments! These apartments will be tailored to your highest standards while enjoying many amenities such as included appliances and living in a luxurious community conveniently located in a prime location! You can move in as early as spring of 2024.

Applications will be placed on a waiting list in order of the date and time the application was submitted, and will be weighed by order of preferences. So, the sooner you apply, the better! Submit your application today!

Floor Plans

Durant – Haven

Unit A1.1 & A2.1

Unit B1.1 & B2.1

Broken Bow – Timber View

Typical 1BR/1Bth & 2BR/2Bth